In general, my research interests include second language acquisition, processing, and pedagogy. I am particularly interested in using experimental psycholinguistic methods to explore second language listening, bi-modal input (e.g., captioned media), vocabulary acquisition, and lexical processing. I have written book reviews for System, Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics, and Linguist List and served as a reviewer for Psychological Reports.

Currently, I am working on a number of projects looking at incidental vocabulary learning and classroom interaction. Here is my Google Scholar page. Please see Publication for more of my work. A list of work in progress is also given below:

Work in progress

Project title: Mandarin tones in L2-English processing
Investigators: Hui, B., & Wang, X.
Status:  In preparation of manuscripts

We are following up my MSc dissertation with publication attempts. Please see Qualification for abstract.

Project title:  different amount of L1 support in L2 reading and vocabulary learning 
Investigators: Hui, B., Wong, S. S. Y., & Fung, D.
Status: Conference paper presented and published in the Proceedings of International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies (ICLLS, 2016), Hong Kong; follow-up study with an eye-tracker in preparation

We are looking into the effects of different amount of L1 support (i.e., L1-gloss, L1 translation at sentential  levels, and bilingual texts) on vocabulary learning in L2 reading tasks. We are interested in how L1 support might have an effect of the students’ processing of the vocabulary items while reading.

Project title: interaction and code-switching patterns in EFL classrooms in Hong Kong 
Investigators: Fung, D., & Hui, B.
Status: data collection and analysis in progress

We would like to explore the interaction and code-switching patterns in EFL classrooms in Hong Kong.