Journal articles

Hui, B. (2010). Backward transfer from L3 French to L2 English production of relative clauses by L1 Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics, 12(2), 45–60. (Abstract and Full Text)

Research papers and presentations

Hui, B., & Fung, D. (2016). To know is not to use: The gap between students’ productive vocabulary knowledge and their actual use in free writing. Collection of Reports: Educational Research Award Scheme 14/15, (pp. 81-103). Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre: Hong Kong. (Full Text)

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Wang, X., & Hui, B. (2013, September). The role of Mandarin tone in bilingual processing. Paper presented at AMLAP-Architecture and Mechanism of Language Processing, Marseille, France. (Poster)

Book reviews

Hui, B. (2017). Review of the book First and Second Language Use in Asian EFL, by R. Forman. System, 65, 181-182. doi:10.1016/j.system.2017.01.004.

Hui, B. (2017). Review of the book Peer interaction and second language learning: pedagogical potential and research agenda, M. Sato & S. Ballinger (Eds). Linguist List, 28. (Full Text)

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